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Unicorn Little Girl’s Dress Design

Something in me really wanted to make a dress with Neo. Maybe it's that she really loves dresses and I needed a creative outlet, or maybe it was her own sense of creativity that inspires me. Or maybe it was just wanting to connect with her on a different level now that she's getting "older". Four going on seventeen. She's such a fun kid. She's strong and knows what she wants, but she also has a tender side that is…

Prosper Brand Design

There's something special about Prosper. If you're not familiar with it, you should be. Rebekah Eddings has created an amazing woodworking brand that blends artisan craftsmanship with modern style. I'm lucky enough to have grown up with Rebekah. She's my cousin (our moms are twins!) and the shenanigans we'd all pull off... She's now a wife to the amazing Marty and mama to three beautiful children. She got into woodworking by building furniture for her own living room and by…
Masciana Makeover: Hill Country Kitchen Renovation
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Masciana Makeover: Hill Country Living Room Renovation
Modern Miracle Birth


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