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Masciana Makeover: Hill Country Kitchen Renovation

We all know kitchens to be the heart of the home. It's where nourishment, sustenance and family connection and conversation emanate from. It's only natural that as we spend time in the kitchen we want it to function well and also be visually pleasing. Somehow an ordered, beautiful kitchen brings inspiration and life. We have a larger home, but the kitchen work area is quite compressed, not quite making a 10x10 work space. Our first home was half the size…

Easy Bread Recipe // Dinner Rolls

Bread is one of my favorite things to make. It's simple, inexpensive and sustaining. And when I make it myself I know exactly what's going into it and the quality of the ingredients. This recipe makes a single, beautiful loaf, or break it up into 12 perfectly sized dinner rolls. It also works well in a 6-count mini loaf pan. Easy Bread Recipe This recipe is for a dinner roll that leans a bit to the sweet side. It's soft…
Masciana Makeover: Hill Country Living Room Renovation
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