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I’m really more of a tea person. But my husband is more of a coffee person. Specifically cold brew. I do enjoy coffee socially and several of the work cultures I’ve been part of have relied heavily on coffee, so I’ve learned to not only tolerate it but to enjoy it from time to time. And I really enjoy making things – I enjoy the handcrafted qualities that are often absent from our commercial culture. There’s so much more care and love in something handmade. And that’s where this cold brew recipe comes in. Since I love my husband and love things handmade, I started looking at how to make our own cold brew. It’s very simple, took about 5 minutes to put together and by morning we’ll have enough brew to last the week.

Here’s the details:

  • I used a 1/2 gallon Ball jar much like this
  • Coarsely ground 1 1/2 cups of coffee (I used Ruta Maya Organic Medium Roast)
  • Poured the grounds into the jar and filled to the shoulder of the jar with filtered water (roughly 6 cups of water)
  • Covered the jar with plastic wrap and a rubber band
  • Now all that was left was to let it sit at room temp and wait 12 hours before straining.

If you like cold brew and like to diy your morning routine, give it a try!


Cold Brew Coffee

Easy Cold Brew Coffee Recipe
Course Beverage
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 17 minutes
Servings 10


  • 1 1/2 Cups Coarsely Ground Coffee
  • 6 Cups Water


  1. Pour the grounds into a large container such as a 1/2 gallon jar or pitcher
  2. Add 6 cups of water to the container
  3. Cover the container with plastic wrap or a lid if available
  4. Let sit for at least 12 hours
  5. Strain the grounds out of the liquid and pour strained coffee into a clean container
  6. Enjoy however you like your coffee!

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