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Colby and Tiara are two of my favorite people. They are some of the most caring individuals I’ve ever met and they genuinely desire to serve and love people. You can tangibly feel the love and joy that they carry. It’s no surprise that they would be starting a new business in the Austin area serving women of their community and families around the world.

Tiara is a midwife by trade, trained in both the U.S. and Philippines. She has extensive experience with high-risk deliveries and emergency situations, and has delivered babies in all types of situations, including my sister-in-law’s baby that was delivered in the back of her car on the way to the hospital!

Colby is a strong leader, business savvy and also has a background in the medical field as a former EMT. He’s exceptionally good at looking at the details, asking the right questions and being the solid, consistent voice of reason, even in the most difficult of situations.

These two are going somewhere. And they’re going to change the world along the way.

The Rodgers’ founded Modern Miracle Birth. and they serve the greater Austin, TX area with Holistic Midwifery Care. Located in Georgetown, TX, they are truly unique in that they offer not only exceptional care, but also partner with midwives in the Philippines to provide women safe prenatal healthcare.

Since the Rodgers family was starting this business, they needed all the basics – branding, site, business cards, etc. So we worked together to nail down their identity and making that come to life visually. I really love how it’s all coming together – it truly is a reflection of who they are.

Modern Miracle Birth Logo Design

Modern Miracle Birth Business Cards

Modern Miracle Birth Headshots

Modern Miracle Birth Website Design

Modern Miracle Birth is taking new clients and you can learn more about them and Holistic Midwifery care at ModernMiracleBirth.com.

You can also follow Modern Miracle Birth on Instagram and Facebook.

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