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Masciana Makeover: Hill Country Kitchen Renovation

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We all know kitchens to be the heart of the home. It’s where nourishment, sustenance and family connection and conversation emanate from. It’s only natural that as we spend time in the kitchen we want it to function well and also be visually pleasing. Somehow an ordered, beautiful kitchen brings inspiration and life.

We have a larger home, but the kitchen work area is quite compressed, not quite making a 10×10 work space. Our first home was half the size of our current one, and yet the kitchen was nearly double the size. I don’t mind a smaller kitchen – it forces organizaton and smart use of the space, and cuts back on unnecessary clutter. Less places to put things = less stuff. Right?

Before: Kitchen

This particular kitchen was in need of updating in terms of space and materials. Cabinet space was limited and could use some efficient use of the available space, and the cabinets and countertops were tired.

Before: Kitchen

Purchasing a larger home in need of renovating meant we were going to need to be very conscious of how and where we put the dollars as we moved forward with updating. There were things that were 100% necessary such as replacing carpet, creating a safer railing overlooking the living room, etc., and then there were things that we wanted to do – like updating kitchens and baths. We opted to save some in the kitchen, which meant we wouldn’t do things exactly as found on pinterest, but rather make the best design choices possible at reasonable prices. This included cabinet installation, which Kenny tackled with a friend, saving us a few thousand dollars.

To gain more storage space, we added cabinetry over the refrigerator and extended the cabinet height all around to 42″ cabinetry. This not only created additional storage, but it visually made the kitchen appear taller and larger. Having a more consistent cabinet height also created a more polished feel.

In this Room

“Before” images courtesy Realty Austin. All rights reserved.
“After” images courtesy Babin Realty. All rights reserved.

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