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Masciana Makeover: Hill Country Living Room Renovation

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Before & After

We love our house. It’s not perfect, and could still use a fair amount of updating in areas, but we think it’s amazing and we’re learning how to take care of a property of this size. It’s our first acreage property, and it’s a completely new experience. We’ve found a lot of new freedom and joy in it.

We’ve made a lot of updates to the house since purchasing it, and the living room is one of the first places we started. We needed to remove the metal spiral staircase mostly for safety issues. At the time we had 3 little kiddos (now 4) and the stairs combined with a short half-wall overlook felt too risky, so we removed the extra staircase and replaced the half-wall with a wrought iron bannister that was easy for little eyes to peek through and see what was going on below, and tall enough to keep them from falling over.

Here’s where we started:

Before: Living Room

Before: Living Room

And here’s where we are now. We took the white walls and covered them from top to bottom with Behr Wet Cement. And by “we” I mean our amazing painting crew – there’s no way Kenny or I would dare attempt these walls!

Flooring came later – we just had our one year anniversary of the septic system backing up into our house and flooding the guest room and living room. It was a Christmas disaster, but all turned out well. We were able to get our hands on this amazing Acacia engineered wood flooring for less than what it would have cost to install average carpet. Thanks to Kenny and awesome friends and family (thank you Rick, James and Adam!) “we” were able to install them saving lots of cash. There was drama though. Always is. But the end result was beautiful.

Our home is a collection of old and new – some pieces we’ve owned since we were married (or before!) and some things are new. This coffee table was one of our first “grown-up” furniture purchases not long after we were married. It’s beat up, the stain is worn off the edges from feet settling on them and it has who knows how many scratches and dings. But I love it. It’s going to stay for a while.

In this Room

“Before” images courtesy Realty Austin. All rights reserved.
“After” images courtesy Babin Realty. All rights reserved.

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